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Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

  • Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  • Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LiHui
Certification: COA
Model Number: 1424-00-6
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100g
Price: Negotiated
Packaging Details: Foil Bag
Delivery Time: 3-7days after received payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000Kg Per Month
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Detailed Product Description
CAS: 1424-00-6 Color Or Appearance: White Powder
Product Use: For The Treatment Of Male Hypogonadism And Spermatozoa Infertility Packing Specification: Aluminum Foil Bag Or Aluminum Tin 25 Kg/barrel
Execution Standard: USP42 Product Purity: 99%
The Product Level: Pharmaceutical Grade Molecular Formula: C20H32O2
High Light:

Healthy Male Enhancement Mesterolone


Mesterolone 1424-00-6


Healthy Male Enhancement 1424-00-6

CAS:1424-00-6 Mesterolone Male Enhancement Steroids For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


[Background and Overview][1][2]

Chinese alias name: mexiongnorone; Methyldihydrotestosterone; Androsteranolketone. Testosterone is one of the oldest protein-assimilating male steroids on the market. Developed by giant pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough, it will first appear in 1934 and officially known as mettestosterone, which has been available in numerous anabolic steroid products for years. Methotestosterone is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - derived protein assimilated male steroid. Specifically, it is a structural change of the hormone of DHT that has an additive methyl at a position on the carbon. This allows the hormone to protect it from oral survival when the liver ruptures. It is one of the few oral steroids that does not fall into the 17AA class. The well-known oral metinolone carries the same methyl group. While adding the methyl group did in fact protect it from damage (without harming the liver), the total bioavailability of testosterone would be much lower than that of all oral steroids for C17-AA.

In addition, testosterone is an important intermediate in the production of steroid hormone drugs. It can be used as raw material to produce many common androgen drugs such as Kangfulong and Kanglilong. The traditional production method of mexionolone is using diosgenin extracted from Dioscorea zingiberensis as raw material after protection, oxidative cracking and elimination, and obtaining dienol ketone (diene for short) as raw material, which is prepared through six steps of oximation, rearrangement, germanization, hydrogenation, alkali hydrolysis, oxidation and so on. Among them, the extraction of diosgenin, oxidative cracking, oximation of diene, rearrangement, the last step of the oxidation of chromium anhydride and other processes, the waste water is more, and not easy to treat, easy to pollute the environment. And, more importantly, with wild yam plant resources increasingly depleted, and artificial cultivation of yam plant, also because of the rising cost of artificial, fertilizer and other planting, saponin, dienes a doubling of the cost of production, the beauty of male nandrolone production cost and market price surge, have kang after dragon androgen drugs had a significant effect of the global market.

[Pharmacological effect] [3]

Testosterone is an effective oral protein assimilation hormone. The assimilation is similar to that of testosterone, but the androgen activity is only 1/4 of that. Testosterone is characterized by low androgen effect and strong protein assimilation, which can promote protein synthesis, inhibit protein ectogenesis, maintain positive nitrogen balance, promote appetite, increase muscle, and increase weight. Promote the deposition of calcium and phosphorus in tissue, promote the formation of bone cell interstitium, accelerate calcification and bone growth. Promote tissue regeneration and granulation formation, and accelerate the repair of wounds and ulcers. Reduce cholesterol and improve lipid metabolism. It is mainly used for the negative nitrogen balance caused by chronic wasting disease, osteoporosis, severe infection and burn in clinic to promote the growth of premature and immature infants. It can be used for long-term nonunion of fractures, hypercholesterolemia, postpartum and post-serious illness, etc.


For the treatment of male hypogonadism and spermatozoa infertility.

[Specification] [3]

Tablets: 10mg, 25mg.

[Usage and dosage] [3]

25 ~ 50mg/d, divided dose.

[Adverse reactions] [3]

There may be nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia and diarrhea. Long-term high dose application can cause sodium and water retention and liver dysfunction. Women may have mild masculine features, such as acne, hirsutism, voice thickening, and clitoral hypertrophy.

[Note] [4]Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 0

1 liver disease, kidney disease, hypertension, prostate cancer or hypertrophy, pregnant women do not use. Keep away from light and sealed.

2. In order to improve the efficacy, appropriate amount of protein, sugar and vitamins should be taken at the same time.


The invention relates to a preparation method of mexionolone, which is as follows:Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 1

(1) compound Ⅰ with acetone cyanol or sodium cyanide to form a compound with cyanide, this reaction is generally under alkaline conditions;

(2) the solution of the compound Ⅱ was first adjusted to acid, and then returned to ketal with ethylene glycol and triethyl orthoformate; Then the solution is adjusted to strong alkaline, pH≥13, to take off the cyanide group to form a 3-ketal -17 ketal compound Ⅲ;

(3) Add catalyst and hydrogen to the solution of compound Ⅲ, and control the reaction temperature to 35-45 degrees Celsius at the same time, generate compounds, and take out the compounds under neutral conditions;

(4) Put the compound Ⅳ into the container and dissolve it in tetrahydrofuran, then drop into the format reagent of methyl magnesium chloride or methyl magnesium bromide, and reflux to get the 17-supermethyl compound;

(5) The compound Ⅴ was hydrolyzed to acidic conditions in the same container, and then hydrolyzed to obtain 3- ketal to mexionolone.Healthy Male Enhancement Steroids Mesterolone 1424-00-6 Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 2

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